Small GroupsVictory Small Groups

Our Vision:

Small Groups help us accomplish the 2nd part of our vision, which is to Love Others. At Victory Church of Red Deer we have several Small Groups in the city of Red Deer, and several surrounding communities. Our purpose is to encourage everyone to build solid relationships, learning to love each other as He has called us to do. We desire to see the kingdom of God built by reaching out to others in service as we grow to be strong disciples of Christ.

What are Small Groups?

Led by one or two individuals, these groups usually consist of 12 people or less who meet together in homes. We study topics relevant to our church’s vision and goals. The small groups at VCRD are the place to experience community and to grow spiritually. Small Groups meet weekly from mid-­September through November and then January through May. During the summer months the groups meet occasionally for backyard BBQ’s and other activities.

Current Small Group study.

Small Group times and locations:

Parkside Drive, Red Deer – Wednesday @ 7:00pm
Overdown Drive, Red Deer – Friday @ 7:00pm
Victory Church, Fireside Rm – Friday @ 10:00am
Victory Church, Fireside Rm – Wednesday @ 7:00pm
(Filipino Small Group) Holmes Street, Red Deer – Saturday @ 6:00pm
Lacombe – Wednesday @ 7:00pm
Springbrook – Wednesday @ 7:00pm

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