The last few weeks have brought many changes to our lives!  It’s happened quickly and it’s affecting everyone!  Have you wondered what God’s purpose is in all of this?

I finished a book the other day (The Shift: The True Story of How One Businesswoman Left Everything Behind and Changed the Lives of Thousands, By MaryAnne Connor) that showed how one woman’s faith in God accomplished more than she thought possible.  This lady stood in faith because she believed that God had revealed His purpose and plan for her and that He would supply everything needed to cause it to come about!  AND HE DID!!

I’ve also been going through the book of Hebrews in my devotions!!  The topic of faith is developed throughout the book climaxing in chapter 11 and following.  As I meditated on this and added the powerful testimony from the book I was reading, I wondered if God wasn’t trying to make a point!!

Right now, we live in a world of uncertainty. We don’t know how things are going to play out because we’ve not been here before. So, I asked God if He was trying to tell me something and this verse from Hebrews 12:2 TPT jumped out at me, "We look away from the natural realm and we fasten our gaze onto Jesus who birthed faith within us and who leads us forward into faith’s perfection. "

This is what I believe God said to me and wanted you to hear too:

This marathon race that it seems you’re running now is because I want to perfect your faith!  I want you to keep your eyes on Me and My Word. Let go of everything that is holding you back so you can run free and see clearly!  I’ve got this and you need to believe that!  Watch your focus, keep it where it needs to be because I am your strength, your hope, your help!  It’s not about everything going well for you, this is a time of preparation.  You will find life as you focus on Me, your character will be transformed and there will be a harvest of righteousness and peace in due time!

There is so much to learn during tough times. (Read Heb 12: 1-17)  But it’s hard if we’re overwhelmed by fear.  As followers of Jesus, we know that "God will never give you the spirit of fear, but the Holy Spirit who gives you mighty power, love, and self-control."(2 Tim 1:7)  Now is the time for us live by faith, to believe and stand on the promises of God!  We must continue to Love God, Love Others and Serve!  That’s our calling as a church and the virus does not change that.  The only thing that is changed is how we do it!

So, we know the purpose we are called to, just like the lady in the book.  Our faith will be perfected, our character transformed and we’ll have a new, proper perspective on life as we choose to look to God to and allow Him to direct us and provide for us during this time.  I challenge you to choose to stand in faith today!

James 1:12 (TPT):  If your faith remains strong, even while surrounded by life’s difficulties, you will continue to experience the untold blessings of God!  True happiness comes as you pass the test with faith and receive the victorious crown of life promised to every lover of God!